Setting text on a template,
custom designs and 
tyographic layouts...

Quick projects to
fill your time...

As a designer we know life can be feast and famine, small projects can keep things ticking over and present their own reward. We're looking for designers who know about kerning and widows to provide fulfillment in the print delivery of words and product to the customer. Complete the form below and email some sample typography to as samples.

What's required?

We're looking for those to set words into pre-defined Quark templates, those that can turn text into layouts and bring them alive and those who can add embellishments to volumes of love poems or books of condolence.

How much will I get paid?

We work on a fixed price basis: £15 to set text in templates, £75 for custom cover or inlays and £90 for a book of 24 graphic poems. Formatted pdf for online submission to digital printers. Orders are taken by credit card so there's no chance of bad debt and invoices are paid when the money is cleared on paypal within 60 days.

How do I benefit?

Relatively simple commissions can act as fillers within larger projects and keep the cashflow turning. We ask for a thumbnail and bio with the option at £25+VAT per annum for your own portfolio page to show designs so customers can select a designer.

A new ethos...

The Interactive Business Enterprise builds their own web businesses, working post COVID19 to bring businesses together in partnership and provide individuals and small businesses the opportunity to generate income in potentially tricky times. 

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WHO WE ARE is an interactive business enterprise from The Interactive Business Enterprise Ltd. 

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