If words come easy,
why not share that skill
and earn some money too...

Why get involved?

It's easy for some of us to express feelings and our lives are enhanced because of it. Why not share those skills and enable someone to express their feelings for partners, friends or those recently departed. If you're interested complete the form below and send some samples of your work with your name and contact details to wordsmiths@putintowords.co.uk.

How does it work?

We send you a brief by email and you write a poem for us for a set fee. This poem will be delivered by text, email or digitally printed on cards or bound in a customised anthology.

How much can I earn?

We pay up to £30+VAT for each poem, we check these ourselves so this will include any amends to grammar, rythmn and ryhmes. You decide which type of poems you're happy to write and we expect each poem to be individual and bespoke.

Who owns my poems?

You own the copyright to your own words, all we ask is that they can't be sold online from a different site and that in the future they can be included in an anthology or sold on as a pre-written composition.

Set an example...

We ask for sample poems of each type to test quality and ask for a brief biography and thumbnail pic. so each customer gets to know about their poet and can build a relationship with them. For £99+VAT per annum we can set up your own web page on the site with sample poems and testimonials to generate more commissions.

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